Moving along with the major trend, Firmenich is releasing the first pages of our Portal, visible at Much more interactivity, customization and personlization in sight ;-).

Due to my new role, I must relocate in August to Switzerland, at the corporate headquarters.

June 2002 Curriculum Vitae

In summer 2001, I am named manager of the new e-business services group. Our group is in charge of extranets, the intranet, and B2B connections for Firmenich worldwide.

Beginning of the year, the Firmenich Extranet Projects started taking more and more of my time. I could get my old Intranet Webmaster activities transfered to a colleague and concentrate on my new Extranet Project Leader role.

April 2000 Curriculum Vitae

In September/October, I was transfered to the US, and my title was changed to E-Business Projects Manager. I have quite a lot to do coordinating and managing the different Extranet initiatives we have.

One of these projects turned into a public web site, launched in October: Firmenich's Online Compendium.

Promoted as Webmaster at the launch of Firmenich Corporate Intranet, I also became Project Leader for our brand new Extranet Projects with top customers.

Beginning of 1997, I started working half time building the prototype Intranet for Firmenich R&D division, with the help of my colleague Christian Chevallier.

The backbone of Firmenich's R&D Intranet was Lotus Notes/Domino 4.51 server. We used Internet Explorer for browsing. All the pages were built using Notes editing and security features. Domino translated the pages dynamically to the requesting browsers. In the beginning, the whole site was done in a way that you could access it fully with Notes and with a browser as well. Finally, we decided that the browser would be the main tool for accessing the information.

To build the many features of this intranet, we used Notes @Formulas, LotusScript, Oracle, Java Script, and Java. We were very impressed how easely these pieces could be put together !

In October, I definitely quit the Helpdesk, and started working full time on new Intranet developments.

From January to June, I made my first professional steps to the Internet and the computer world. I was Director assistant at Global Interactive City SA, Geneva, Switzerland. Also my first non-summer job as an employee... Not in line with my studies, but who can resist marrying work and passion?

August 1996, I got hired at Firmenich SA, as Business System Analyst, Helpdesk.
Well, Helpdesk was not really what I was looking for, but it was the best way to get into the IT department of this top Geneva Aroma Chemicals company. It was also a great opportunity to improve my computer skills... between phone calls!

While doing my studies, worked as a Match & Sciences teacher few hours a week, at the Ecole de Coiffure du Molard, Geneva. Students were nice, but not always very interested by the topics! Nevertheless, they have good results at their Math&Sciences exams!