Curriculum Vitae

Xavier Singy

Lotissement Champ Corboz
1090 route Bellevue
01280 Prevessin Moens
e-mail :


Professionnal experience
2002-today E-business services group manager, back to Firmenich SA, Geneva, Switzerland

E-business services group manager, Firmenich Inc, Princeton, NJ, USA
- manage e-business services group (6 persons), handling the Internet web site, the Intranet, our extranets, and B2B connections with partners.

- manage portal project with mix of offshore consulting and internal resources

2000-2001 Extranet Projects Manager, relocated to Firmenich Inc, Princeton, NJ, USA
1999-2001 Extranet Projects Manager, Firmenich SA, Geneva, Switzerland
- define, coordinate and follow up extranet projects with business and developers
- coordinate teams work (development, infrastructure, network, security, support)
- define and set up extranet related processes
- develop Java and Notes interfaces with back-end legacy applications (Notes, Oracle)
1998-1999 Notes DBA Europe, Firmenich SA, Geneva, Switzerland
- define development standards
- develop standard web enabled templates
- develop standard mail interface with non-Notes application
- evaluate add-on products
- support developers
- audit and set up of Notes applications throughout Europe
- coordinate work with DBAs of other zones
1997-2000 Webmaster, Firmenich SA, Geneva, Switzerland
Officially launched in 1999, Firmenich Corporate Intranet was used by 30% of Firmenich employees in 2000; 20'000 pages are requested per day
- ensure consistency and coherent development of Intranet applications, as a member of the "Firmenich Corporate Intranet Executive Committee" and of the "Firmenich Corporate Intranet Editorial Board"
- support intranet application developers (external and internal)
- define, develop and set up the Corporate Intranet project and processes, 1998-1999
- define, develop and set up pilot Intranet projects (document management, workflow, bulletin boards, using Notes/Domino), 1997-1998
1996-1997 Users IT support, Firmenich SA, Geneva, Switzerland
1996 Business Systems Analyst, Global Interactive City SA, Geneva, Switzerland
- define and follow up projets with developers
- write HTML pages
- train customers and trainees to HTML and Internet
1994-1996 Events promoter, as a BMSW Entertainment associate, Geneva, Switzerland
In two years, BMSW Entertainment made up more than 20 events, concerts, exhibitions; from 800 up to 9000 admissions per event
- supervise event teams; from 20 up to 300 employees per event
- budgets, accounting
- finance events through sponsorship
- contact with medias and autorities
- set up events concepts
1994-1994 Math and sciences teacher, Ecole de Coiffure du Molard, Geneva, Switzerland
IT qualifications
Internet HTML, Javascript: expert level
Java, CSS
: good knowledge
Lotus Notes/Domino LotusScript, @formula: expert level
Databases SQL, Oracle: basic knowledge
Office suites MS Office, Smartsuite


Degree in industrial and commercial sciences, thesis in marketing, "DCC, Minidisc and Network Effects", Geneva University, Switzerland


Degree in law, thesis in contracts law, Geneva University, Switzerland


High School, scientific section, Collège Calvin, Geneva, Switzerland
French mother tongue
English written, spoken and read fluently
German written, spoken and read
Extra Professional Activities
Music singing, guitar, keyboard, composition, recording & engineering, organization of non-profit bi-annual Rock Festival supporting local bands

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