A few more recent pictures:

a small fruit after the freezing rain in January

Stéphanie and her parents Daniel & Cécile at New-York

view from the Empire State Building

Stéphanie on the New Jersey shore in February

beautiful white flower trees April 2001 Franklin Towne Shopping Center - picture by Stéphanie


Some more pictures with the Nikon Coolpix 900s. Note that some of them were sharpened at posteriori:

Stéphanie on the Koh Samui beach

a rambutan

the extraordinary temple of Angkor

And some pictures using my brand new Nikon Coolpix 990:

a fly in summer at Bassins

our neighbour at the Graphis fair in June

Stéphanie at the Graphis fair in June

Princeton in autumn

Princeton in autumn

My first pictures with the Nikon Coolpix 900s digital camera:

pictures of the Vingt-4 heures du Rock Festival 1999

my brother Patrick and me at Christmas by our parents

One of my best Posters: poster for the Festival des 24h du Rock 1998.

My best pictures at the 24h du Rock Festival:

La Totale'95 - No Comment Report, filmed by Stéphanie Canetta and myself, cut and postsynchronized by myself.

The 24h du Rock Festival program's first page I made:

Filmed, directed, realized the Peter's Monkeys Videoclip Pendaison à Caracas, in super-8 + video.

First oil painting: la déchéance de l'élève pendant le cours de français.

D'Après Nature temptative. With my friend Daniel Egger, I tried to make a film out of a Lovercraft Novel. Although the costumes and special effects were not too bad, the movie was a failure; I could never shoot all the scenes. It's too hard to do make-up, cameraman, sound, lightning, producer, etc at the same time. Lesson learned: you need a team to do big things...

Some more monsters I draw:

Super-8 funny documentary about my 3 weeks trip to New-York.

Small silent SUper-8 horror movie Kritters. I made the puppet myself! This is the start of my make-up and monster work...

Some drawings I made while at the Wells College, NY:

Made some more postcards I made:

That year, I had so much fun drawing monsters, that I made postcards out of this hobby, and sold them to my neighborghood. Here's my most successfull one:

First macro pictures with the reflex camera of my father.