February, 5 days in Siem Reap, Cambodia, visiting the Anchor temples. Amazing!

Then, ten days in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Summer, few days wandering around and shopping in Roma, Italy, and few days riding in the Swiss mountains (Bassins, Verbier)

January, honey moon at Ile de la Réunion and Mauritius Island. A little bit raini, but unforgettable.

October, 10 days at the Canary Islands. Lots of German people out there! By chance, our hotel "Santa Monica" was located at the end of the beach, in a quieter place.

January, 15 days in Phuket, Thailand, at the Kata-Thani hotel, on a superb blue beach!

Can you believe it? We had no holidays that year! Well, it was quite a transition year (see Work - Tech).

January, University Ski Camp in Zermatt, Switzerland again.

April, one week in London again.

June, three days in Venezia, Italy

End of September, two weeks in Florida.

January, 1 week in University Ski Camp, Zermatt, Switzerland. A very special event: the whole Zermatt town invaded by students. Ski the day, dance the night!

End of Summer, excellent holidays in Sri Lanka and Maldives. One week in Sri Lanka, then one week in Maldives, with my brand new girlfriend Stéphanie. A honeymoon before the marriage!

Few days in London, in my father's temporary flat. The greatest way to discover a town is to live there!

2 weeks in West USA: 2 days in NY, then Las Vegas, Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, San Diego, LA, San Francisco. This could have been fun, but was hell! Certainly the worst holidays I've ever spent!

10 days Holidays in Saint Tropez in Caroline's house. With Ronald Menzel, Stefano balestra, Caroline Bartl, Lisette Westerhuis and Marie-Elise Liechti. Pool, sunshine, drinks, music: the best cocktail for one of my best holidays!

8 days holidays in Saint Tropez, France with 6 hollandais friends: Conrad, Pieter & Alexandre Brouwer, Simone & Lisette Westerhuis, Diana.

2 weeks in Club Med, Sardinia to meet back some friends. I felt better with the organization team of the village than with the people in holdays. That's also where I learned a trick to make contact with people... trick I used several years later to make closer contact with Stéphanie, who's my wife today!

Few days in Rome, Italy, for the New Year's Eve.

Holidays with my parents...