Did you notice the virtual Geckos wandering around? I've got 5 of them. I'm very proud of these babies! They're cute, and more than alive. Try to reach them with your mouse, they fly away real fast. Click them if you can: everything will tremble, and they will bounce your browser left and right!

What I like with this is that with 4 lines of code, you can add these cuties to any web page:

<!-aniMagiX code by x.singy, xavier@singyfamily.com, http://www.singyfamily.com -->
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="http://www.singyfamily.com/Hob/tech/aniMagiX/aniMagiX.css">
<script src=http://www.singyfamily.com/Hob/tech/aniMagiX/gecko/geckos.js></script>
<script src=http://www.singyfamily.com/Hob/tech/aniMagiX/aniMagiX.js></script>

And also, this magic code can be reused to add any other kind of organic life to your page (see my Hobbies - Tech section for details about the aniMagiX code I created.)

For another living example, see my machaon animation. That one has put me back in my young days when I would go in the family garden to catch some baby Machaon moths eating our fennel, and breed them up to beautiful butterfies like this one.

I'll be posting some more, but if any one has great ideas, or wants to make some images for me (this is the longest part), please contact me!

No animals all these years.

Gave Limbo to reptile passionates.

I had to give Psycho to the Museum Elapsoidea, because he was fighting too much with Limbo.

At the end of my holidays in the US, bought two Iguanas, Psycho and Limbo in San Francisco and brought them back home.

Stopped breeding Stick Insects.

Made a few publications and illustrations in the Phasmids Study Group newsletter. Here are some macro pictures, pen drawings, and China ink drawings I made:

I also went to a few more enthomological fairs, in Geneva and Zurich, were I made a little bit of money by selling some of my 23 species. At some point of time, I had more than 400 living stick insects!

Really stopped with butterflies.

Became member of the Phasmid Study Group. And english group making regular publications about stick insects. This really helped me on my first steps in English language.

My Gerbils died from age or were eventually eaten by a cat.

I went to the Bourse Enthomologique de Meyrin (an insect fair), to look for exotic species to breed. Instead, I bought my first stick insects (phasmids). Stick insects are very easy to breed. They need warm temperature and humidity, and do not need males to reproduce (a female without male will only make female eggs - this is called pathenogenesis).

Start breeding Gerbils. Raminou and Raminette had several babies I gave to friends.

Have a look at the Introduction au dossier Gerbilles I wrote when I was 13 (french).

Started a butterfly collection. Also started breeding mutts from time to time.