The 15th of July, we organized a big party for my 30th Birthday, and for my father in law Daniel who was 60, and Stéphanie's aunt Andrée who was born the 15th like me.

everyone got its favorite cake

real chocolate for the chocolate fan


Boo-fonk and some members of the defunct Brenn d'Avis, for our last concert

Laurie, Alain, Bettina, and Tabatha

Natacha and Stefano

Fabrice, Myret and Thérèse

The 1999 - 2000 New Year's Eve Kokomo Beach Party organized with Ronald, Stefano, and Fabrice Leu was a must. Click here for more.

25 years birthday of Stéphanie, Stéphanie and Corinne. A great party we made here together!

That summer, organized a super party with Ronald, Stefano, Lisette and Martine: all our birthdays together!

Organized the best New Year's Eve party ever with Ronald and Stefano: my future wife Stéphanie and myself kissed for the first time the 1st of January 1994!

Strange birthday for my 22nd year. More girls than men... I was really missing someone!

My first boum (party) at home! Funny, but quite a disaster at the end! I had to "smoke" older guys that were making a mess in the room!